News and Key Dates for Term 1 2016 at Capel dojo

1 Feb

Hi all,
I am very excited to welcome everyone back to Capel dojo for an exciting 3rd year of training at Capel Goju ryu. I am also pleased to report that the floors in the RSL have been resurfaced and look sensational – so we will be training on wooden floors a lot more this year. We will still get the mats out for Bunkai, Naga-waza (throwing technique) and rolling practise though.

Key Dates

February 2nd – Training recommences. Times as per the new website here (same as last year).

March 13th – 9am – Senshinkan Open Tournament, to be held at Mater Dei College, Edgewater. For those planning to take part in the Margaret River Tournament in June 2016, attendance (as observers only) is very strongly encouraged. There will be novice and team events. I will be leaving Capel at 6.30am, and will be able to take four students with me.

Looking forward to a great term of training.

Justin (Sensei)

CLub pic 2015