Mandurah’s Black Belts and Grading Results 2018

7 Jan

 June 2018

Last weekend the association conducted the Black Belt grading in Bunbury under Alan Burdett (Hanshi 8th dan).

Mandurah had a solid representation for the grading both to be examined and to participate as a maintenance grading.

Grading: Alden Savage, Shay Holdsworth, Joel Weston, Dennis Green and Dale Loxton

Maintenance: Ann Draper, Brooklen Little, Caelan Little, Zakk Elphic, Hunter Reid, Keenan Little.

Joel and Dale passed their gradings with Dennis passing the progressive aspect of his…congratulations to you. Unfortunately Shay and Alden succumbed to illness and were not able to complete all the requirements. They along with Dennis will complete their grading in August. Well done on attempting the grading given your health status and demonstrating your spirit and commitment.

August 2018

Congratulations to Shay Holdsworth and to Dennis Green on their successful grading to Nidan (2nd Dan)

20180527_174145Bridgetown Seminar (58)

Ann Draper, Shay Holdsworth and Dennis Green

December 2018

December 2nd, PCYC Hall, Hay Park 9am

Mandurah Dojo Black Belts (Current):


Steve Casserly 5th Dan


June Grading and Friends night (6)

Adam Draper 3rd Dan

2016 Black Belt Training (1)

Ann Draper 2nd Dan


akita shihan mandurah (44)

Shay Holdsworth 2nd Dan


Bridgetown Seminar (58)

Dennis Green 2nd Dan


2016 Joel Steve Black Belt (2)

Joel Weston 2nd Dan


Karate 2015 Black Belt Grading in Dec (4)

Alden Savage 2nd Dan


2016 Dale and Steve - Black Belt (3)

Dale Loxton 1st Dan


2016 Carmen and Dale (1)

Carmen Pickett 1st Dan


akita shihan mandurah (50)

Maddison Atkinson Sub 1st Dan



Brooklen Little Sub 1st Dan


Akita Shihan Mandurah (65)

Caelan Little Sub 1st Dan


2017 May Margaret River Tournament 3

Sharntie Whicker, Dayna Draper Sub 1st Dans