Rules And Regulations


  • The South West Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Association (Inc.) is non political, non-sectarian. No one will be refused membership on the basis of religion, race, colour, sex or age.
  • All students should bow on entry and exit from any Dojo (training hall). Address your Instructor as Sempai, Sensei, Shihan, Hanshi whichever applies to their grade or level.
  • Any Instructor in charge of a Dojo is addressed as Sensei excluding dojos run by a Hanshi or Shihan. All Black Belt students and senior students above your grade are addressed as Sempai.
  • Smoking, training under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited in the Dojo and is discouraged within the immediate vicinity of the Dojo. A healthy lifestyle is encouraged of all members. The association has a non-smoking policy. Eating and drinking while training (i.e. chewing gum) is not allowed.
  • Punctuality is a must. Students habitually arriving late must obtain permission to train. While entering or departing the Dojo when a bowing ceremony is about to take place, a student must participate from the back or side of the Dojo.
  • Visitors, friends and parents are encouraged to watch training but not to venture onto the training area (they must seek permission from the instructor).
  • Neat and tidy uniforms are to be worn at all times and club emblems must be worn on jackets clearly and distinctly. If T-shirts are worn under Karate uniforms, they should be White in colour or the Assoc T-shirt. Tracksuit tops may be worn in the colder months and suitable shoes for anyone with medical concerns. No jewellery, earrings or watches are to be worn during training. Flat wedding rings must be covered with a band-aid.
  • Destructive personal opinions and negative comments regarding anything relevant to Karate or any other Martial Art are not to be aired or discussed inside or outside the confines of the Dojo.
  • Students whose behaviour does not reflect the best interests of their club or Association, either in the Dojo or outside, will, on the first occasion be warned, and thereafter will be suspended from further training and fees will be forfeited.
  • The authority of the Instructor will be recognised and respected at all times.
  • Dojo fees must be paid promptly as financial commitments must be met by instructors and the association. If for any reason you are having financial difficulties please do not hesitate to discuss the matter with your instructor.
  • All students are to notify the instructor of any injuries or illness prior to commencing training. All students are to be insured for personal accident either through their own insurance or the insurance group the association utilises.
  • During any prearranged or free fighting suitable mitts and mouth guards are to be worn. Students may wear additional protective gear if required; chest guards for females, groin guards for males.
  • Membership fees and proof of insurance are essential before students are eligible for gradings.

The above Rules and Regulations are those laid down by the SOUTH WEST G0JU-RYU KARATE-DO ASSOCIATION (Inc.) and Instructors, and are in the best interests of the association and its members. Observance of these rules is required for continued membership.