S.W.G.K.A Members train in confidence knowing:

•All association coaches are accredited with the Australian Coaching Council and have police and working with children clearances.
•Our association is affiliated with the Australian Karate Federation Inc (AKF) who are Government recognised and funded (state and national).
•Through the AKF WA:
◦Our association is recognised by the Ministry of Sport and Recreation.
◦Our association is a member of the International Olympic Federation (State and National).
◦Our association is a member of the WA Sports Federation.
•Affiliated with the International Karate Organization, Japan.
•All student's karate grades are recognised world wide under the World Karate Federation(WKF) of which the Australian Karate Federation is an affiliate organisation.
•We have access to State and National Coaches (AKF) and Institute of Sport facilities.

Aims and Objectives of our Association

a) To promote proper, healthy and lawful practice of Karate-Do and to repress all abuses of Karate-Do
b) To prevent racial, religious, gender, physical or political discrimination or distinction among practitioners of Karate do
c) To support and advance the ideals and correct practice of Karate-Do throughout the community
d) Provide the opportunity for non South West Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Association Karate practitioners to join the Association as Associate Members and enjoy the benefits afforded to them as per the Rules of Association
e) To encourage active participation and co-operation with the community providing opportunities for people to become involved and benefit from an interesting, active and healthy pursuit.